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More Than Pics: Air Jordan 5 "Alternate Grape"

We decided to celebrate the release of the Air Jordan 5 "Alternate Grape" with a special packaging that includes the shoes and a special bottle of wine, together in a wooden crate which recalls those used to store the finest bottles.

Not all the shoes are the same, some are more important than others. In this case we are talking about the Air Jordan 5 "Alternate Grape", the new colorway expected for July 7 of the model originally released thirty years ago, on in February 1990. For this reason, we have created a special project, which we now explain.

The "Grape" name is particularly linked to the Air Jordan 5, a colorway launched in 1990, the model's debut year. The "Grape" family has expanded over the years with the introduction of the "Black Grape" in 2013, the "Pre-Grape" in 2015 and the "Fresh Prince" in 2018, a reinterpretation of the original version that was beloved and worn from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in person, Will Smith.

This 2020 reinterpretation is characterized by the grape color of the suede upper, with black and "new emerald" details, a shade halfway between aqua green and light blue. Another detail is the choice of using the Jumpman instead of the Nike Air logo on the heel.

In celebration of this chromatic option, we decided to set a shooting and create a special packaging, focused precisely on the color of the upper and its inspiration, grapes. For this reason, we went to one of the main wineries in Italy, Casale del Giglio in Rome, to bring the shoes closer to its original inspiration. Not only have we been able to shoot the shoe in the beautiful locations of the Nettuno winery, we have also enhanced the packaging with a special wooden box and a bottle of fine wine.

The key elements of the Air Jordan 5 "Alternate Grape" characterize the aesthetics of the label of this special Tempranijo from 2018 that lays with the shoes in a precious wooden box recalling those that usually contain the most precious bottles. The name of the shoe, its coloring and the Airness logo enrich the box, as well as the label. Realized in just 10 pieces, this special edition which includes the AJ 5 "Alternate Grape" and the bottle of wine is a rare collector's item, made for those ones who love good wine and beautiful sneakers.

The Air Jordan 5 "Alternate Grape" will be available on Airness on July 7th, online and in stores in Milan and Rome. Stay connected to our Instagram profile to find out how to get one of the 10 special boxes.

Un ringraziamento speciale va a Casale del Giglio, per la location e il vino, ai modelli Alessandra Fanella e Francesco Colella e alla fotografa Francesca di Fazio.

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