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More than pics: Sergio Rodriguez x adidas Harden vol. 5

Sergio Rodriguez joined us at Mediolanum Forum to try on the new adidas Harden Vol. 5, the signature line created for James Harden.

It's impossible not to know Sergio Rodriguez. Any basketball fan must recognize Chacho not only for his beard and high socks, but mostly because the Spanish guard has been an absolute beast everywhere he played for his entire career. Sergio was a pretty solid NBA player but it was in Europe that he found his groove, winning 2 VTB Leagues, 3 Liga ACB trophies, 4 Copa Del Rey, 3 Spanish SuperCups, Italian Cup, 1 Italian SuperCup, 1 Intercontinental Cup and 2 Euroleagues. The individual trophies are countless and Sergio will always be remembered as one of the most dominant guards to ever grace the European courts.

Sergio Rodriguez has now reached a new destination, Italy, and we are lucky enough to meet him in a city that we all share: Milan. We met Sergio in his new home, the Mediolanum Forum, in order to talk about the season and most of all try on the new adidas Harden vol. 5, the latest signature shoe created by the German brand for James Harden of the Brooklyn Nets.

Chacho was very open in discussing his time in the NBA and the games he played against Harden, explaining how much he improved the second time Sergio came back to the NBA, few years later. Chacho also discussed with us his life with adidas, whose shoes are on his feet since he started playing basketball.

Sergio Rodriguez is a natural born leader and the reason why Olimpia is plowing through the Italian League and Euroleague like never before, guiding a team full of veterans such as Gigi Datome and Kyle Hines.

Sergio has more in common with James Harden than we can think of: huge beard, incredible passing and scoring skills and insane ball-handling. That's why we asked him to try Harden's newest shoe by adidas: the Harden vol.5, a shoe that aside from the typical low cut, got totally revolutionized, from the materials to the lacing, from the cushioning to the design. The designer Jalal Enayah changed everything and tried the new Futurenatural technology that combines the midsole and upper, creating a single large element without any seam in order to increase the stability of the foot in every situation, an innovation that also gives a futuristic and never-seen-before look in a sneaker by adidas Hoops. Talking cushioning, the LIGHSTRIKE embraces the good old BOOST for a unique mix of reactivity and softness.

You can find the adidas Harden vol. 5 on the Airness website by clicking HERE.

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