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Training with Ilaria Panzera and Matteo Spagnolo - Airness x Nike NTC

Airness selected 5 exercises from Nike NTC, adapting them to the world of basketball. We then asked the two best Italian talents, Ilaria Panzera and Matteo Spagnolo, to try them, transforming the training experience into a contest.

We have now reached the beginning of May and we can start making our first experiences in the outside world, after two months of imprisonment due to the coronavirus. At least this is the situation here in Italy. The playgrounds are not open yet, and team sports are still under limitations, so Airness and Nike NTC come to the rescue and help you prepare for the moment we can finally get back together to play basketball.

Nike is known for providing specialized training on its NTC app, Nike Training Club, but we, the good people at Airness, wanted to look for something more focused on the sport we love so much. For this reason, we asked Alessandro Nocera, head coach of the Under-15 Italian National Team and consultant for the AS Monaco youth sector, to jump on board. Together with coach Nocera, we have chosen five exercises from Nike NTC and then we have adapted them to the world of basketball with a more specific focus. It’s very important to warm up the muscles involved in such a sport before testing the court, so we don’t get injuries. But let's listen to the coach.

Special players were needed in order to test the exercises properly. We therefore involved the two most talented young ballers on the Italian scene: Matteo Spagnolo from Real Madrid and Ilaria Panzera from Geas Sesto San Giovanni. Although we are talking about two young guns (16 and 17 years old), we find in front of our eyes two players with experience in their respective top leagues. They have a really shiny future on the horizon. Anyway, we put them to the test.

What about you? Can you keep up with Matteo and Ilaria? Remember that you can always try to challenge the two blue chip talents by tagging @airness, @nikebasketball, @Spagnolo.matteo and @panzera.ilaria in an Instagram post or IG stories while performing the same exercises. If you want to try out the exercises selected by coach Nocera and many others, download Nike NTC by clicking HERE.

Soon we will be able to go back to playing together on the court, hardwood or concrete, so keep training with the suggestions from Airness and coach Nocera, you will be ready to play without risking any type of injury.

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