You can now recycle your old shoes with us


Our partners with esosport and Slums Dunk to help protecting the environment and supporting African kids.

Being involved in shoes and basketball on a daily basis is not enough for us. We, the good people at our store, always tried to be as much connected to our community as possible through several initiatives like our basketball Academy or our collaborations with local teams.

We felt it was time to take an important stance on ecology and we thought what was the best way we could help in protecting the environment. Sneakers needed to be relevant in the process, so we partnered with esosport, an Italian company specialized in recycling plastic, to create something special, thanks also to the patronage of FIP Lombardia. You can now bring your old shoes to us and we will recycle them, finding a new purpose for broken down sneakers as material to create soil to create courts and running tracks.

That was not enough for us. Every shoe we receive will also correspond in a donation to Slums Dunk, the NGO created by Bruno Cerella, in order to support a young African kid’s path to school and basketball. Once we receive 1000 shoes, we will be able to grant a full secondary school scholarship to a kid.

We want to make a change and we need your help.

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