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Freak 3 "Low Battery"

Iron Grey/Black/Vivid Sulfur

Giannis has a freakishly athletic game that combines massive strides, misdirecting Euro steps, and the ability to play any position—and get by anyone on his way to the rim. The Zoom Freak 3 enables Giannis to get the most from his unique skillset and amplify his impact on the game. The energy-returning cushioning, side-to-side containment, and multidirectional traction help multidimensional players like Giannis create space and stay in control.

ID: DA0694-006

Freak 3 low battery Nike DA0694-006 NewCondition Sneakers Performance, Iron Grey/Black/Vivid Sulfur Iron Grey/Black/Vivid Sulfur DA0694-006 Freak 3 low battery Apparel & Accessories
EUR 125.00 Apparel & Accessories In stock New