Ja 1 "Guava"

Guava Ice/Med Soft Pink/White/Black

Ja Morant became today's superstar by never tiring of shooting for lopsided baskets, practicing his jump on tractor tires, and learning to dribble around sun-bleached traffic cones in humid South Carolina summers. The Ja 1 is a testament to his success. Thanks to Zoom Air, it supports great elasticity and excellent speed without sacrificing comfort, to allow you to give your all on the pitch, just like Ja. This special design pays homage to Ja's style of grilling, perfect for the head, with an homage to his favorite dunk and his team's heritage.


The handwritten repeating 12 a.m. graphic speaks to his mindset to approach every day with a grind mentality. Ja’s signature, logo and jersey number are also sketched in his own handwriting.


A forefoot Zoom Air unit helps provide increased responsiveness and vertical acceleration. Plush cushioning in the midsole provides comfort when you come back to Earth after skying in the clouds.

LAND SOFTLYA containment system and forefoot strap help keep your ankle and heel stable, so that you’re in control and supported whether you’re changing directions at high speeds, springing toward the rim or staying in front of shifty ball-handlers on defense

ID: DR8785-802

Ja 1 guava Nike DR8785-802 NewCondition Sneakers Performance, Guava Ice/Med Soft Pink/White/Black Guava Ice/Med Soft Pink/White/Black DR8785-802 Ja 1 guava Apparel & Accessories
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