Jimmy Butler 2 "Miracle"


Jimmy Butler 2 "Miracle"

Li-Ning's Boom Midsole Technology

Li-Ning's Boom Technology is an innovative midsole material independently developed by Li Ning. It is prepared through a supercritical fluid foaming process. Compared with traditional materials, it significantly reduces the weight of the midsole and significantly improves its rebound performance. It has a longer service life and greatly improves product functionality. At the same time, through more targeted adjustments, it can adapt to the competitive needs of different sports such as running, basketball, badminton, table tennis, etc., and provide good performance support for athletes in various sports.

Li Ning's Boom Fiber upper technology

BOOM FIBER is a new type of thermoplastic elastomer. Through the latest spinning technology, it can be prepared into new "silk". Its flexibility, elasticity and durability are better than ordinary fibers. And it feels very comfortable. Combining "silk" with advanced weaving technology, you can obtain an upper that is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable, is not easy to deform, and has a longer service life.

Li Ning GCU Ground Control Unit

GCU (Ground Control Unit) is a new type of cast polyurethane. This product innovatively applies it to the outsole of the shoe. Through a special molecular structure design, the sole has excellent anti-slip properties and durability. The wear resistance breaks the contradiction between the wear resistance and slip resistance of traditional sports shoe outsoles, and the wet slip resistance is more outstanding, which can adapt to more environmental climates and sports scenes.

Li-Ning Carbon Core Drive System

Li-Ning's "Carbon Core" drive system is a new midsole composite technology developed for basketball. It adopts an innovative sandwich structure and breaks the conventional application form of carbon plate midsoles in basketball shoes. The position is integrated into the force-conducting carbon plate to release the material capabilities of the midsole more comprehensively, improve sports agility, increase landing and take-off speed, improve the torsion resistance of the mid-waist, and comprehensively provide a stronger functional experience.

√ Upper: textile √ Sole: polyurethane + rubber + carbon fiber √ Neat stitching to highlight the sense of quality

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