Cone/Black/Brilliant Orange/Melon Tint

Inspired by moments of greatness that set MJ apart from the competition—like the famous “flu game”—these kicks are an ode to the trailblazing women of the WNBA. They're supportive and lightweight to help you achieve all-over-the-court control. Best worn while defying expectations and breaking glass ceilings.

Court Mobility
Quick cuts, speedy sprints and all-over court control—that's what you want. It's the low-to-the-court Zoom Strobel Air unit that helps you achieve it.

Strength + Security
The embroidery in the upper is designed to help you feel extra secure while criss-crossing the court. Your skills, plus supportive, lightweight mesh? A winning combo.

Heritage Details
Baked right into the shoe's design are shoutouts to MJ's legendary '93 season. Crosshatches, chevrons and lines of ribbing on one shoe represent his points, assists and rebounds per game. Fabric details on the other nod to the 57-25 season record—and MJ's third consecutive championship.

Waste Not, Want Not
The last thing we need is more waste. A special Move to Zero box gives you the bells and whistles of commemorative packaging without the extra trash.

ID: FQ9008-800

Wmns xxxviii wnba Jordan FQ9008-800 NewCondition Sneakers Performance, Cone/Black/Brilliant Orange/Melon Tint Cone/Black/Brilliant Orange/Melon Tint FQ9008-800 Wmns xxxviii wnba Apparel & Accessories
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