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Zion 2 "Gen Zion"

White/Volt/Black/Dynamic Turquoise

Channel new levels of speed and power in shoes designed for Zion and built for ballers at any level. An adjustable strap up top helps lock in your foot, while a firm midsole supports high-paced play. Plus, the Zion 2 has more Air cushioning than its predecessor, so you'll get into the clouds easier and land softer. Make this your #1 pick for the court.

ID: DO9161-107

Zion 2 gen zion Jordan DO9161-107 NewCondition Sneakers Lifestyle, White/Volt/Black/Dynamic Turquoise White/Volt/Black/Dynamic Turquoise DO9161-107 Zion 2 gen zion Apparel & Accessories
EUR 120.00 Apparel & Accessories In stock New