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Killian Hayes visits our Paris store


On June 16, 2022, our store at La Poste de Louvre welcomed French star Killian Hayes for a Meet & Greet event.

Killian Hayes, born in Lakeland, Florida, later moved to France following his basketball player father, DeRon. After two outstanding seasons with Cholet in LNB, Killian decided to transfer to Ratiopharm Ulm in Germany, where he played in the EuroCup. During these years, he rapidly climbed the NBA Draft rankings, establishing himself as one of the best guards in basketball. For a few seasons now, he has been on the radar of NBA scouts, considered one of the top international prospects of his generation: MVP and gold medalist at the U16 European Championships in 2017, MVP of the French U18 Championship, and named to the FIBA U17 World Cup All-Tournament Team. He was selected in the 2020 NBA Draft by the Detroit Pistons.


Standing close to two meters tall, Hayes has a great ability to score in various ways. He prefers to have the ball in his hands for one-on-one plays. He effortlessly drives to the basket with his left hand and utilizes his height advantage against smaller opponents. He is also skilled in mid-range shooting, including his signature step back, which he refined in the last season.


His penetration skills often result in drawing fouls (one every three attempted shots, which is excellent for a young player in Europe) and he converts them at an 86% rate from the free-throw line. In addition to creating offense for himself, Hayes is also adept at creating opportunities for his teammates through excellent pick and roll play, utilizing his left hand to make accurate passes. His style of play somewhat resembles that of Manu Ginobili and especially D'Angelo Russell, with his ability to make floaters and his deceptive pace that culminates in powerful finishes at the rim.

It was a special day spent together with Killian Hayes and his fans, and you can relive it through this video.

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